A Dose of Daily Affirmations


I often get asked HOW I am so happy! One of my favorite tools on creating a positive, happy mindset are affirmations. Above is a list of some of my most used affirmations.

Saying positive statements to myself when I’m feeling anxious, hurt or sad changes my mindset almost quicker than anything else!

Every day begin and end your day with at least one positive affirmation about yourself.

You can write them on your mirror…my mirror is COVERED! Or you can simply put it on sticky notes everywhere. You can record you (or someone else) saying it to you and listen to it all night. If I’m at a place where I’m not by one of my notes I repeat it in my head 3-5 times or however long it takes to make by brain start to believe it.

Some of my most intuitive, clear moments have been listening to affirmations about who I really am! I was at the spa one day because I received a free gift as Ms. Utah to spend all day at the spa. While sitting in a relaxing bed and listening to Affirmations I cried, felt complete joy and learned more things about my purpose on earth!

I can’t describe the amount of happiness and fulfilling feeling that comes when your brain believes these positive statements. You feel unstoppable.

If you choose not to do this technique you are at risk of believing whatever anyone else tells you or worse what you already believe about yourself that’s not true!

This little girl has become a sensations on YouTube and I love to imagine how different we would all act if we did this daily!

Most people won’t put in the time to say affirmations to themselves but I PROMISE it is one of the greatest secrets to a happy successful life. Your life is created by what you think!

The truth is :

You ARE worthy.

YOU are good enough.

You are loved.



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