Sugar…The Bitter Truth

Do you suffer from headaches, varicose veins, depression, anxiety, crankiness, getting sick a lot, allergies, asthma, wrinkly skin or constipation?

If the answer is yes to any than you should probably start watching your sugar intake…and I don’t just mean sweets.

Have you every tried eating healthy and then realized you’re eating more sugar than those eating sweets?

The ingredients in foods that don’t actually say the word sugar…are indeed just sugar. You need to know the 60 different names for sugar. You are only supposed to have 7 teaspoons of sugar per day and I can almost guarantee you eat much more than that. If you had only 1 cup of juice today you would have eaten 4x’s the amount of sugar recommended.

Here is a list of 5 pages of  foods with their sugar content and calories that you probably thought were healthy, some are a given of not being, and are actually not.

There is a well-researched article called “141 Reasons Sugar Ruins Your Health” if ou are interested in learning what diseases are linked to sugar. Most of the health reasons you are experiencing can be linked back to sugar consumption.

Every time I see what parents are feeding their kids I cringe because most of it is straight sugar. Hence the reason obesity and diabetes has never been higher in children then now.

I’ve always tried to eat healthy because I can almost instantly feel my body very poorly reacting to sugar. Not only does my mood get worse, my energy drops almost instantly. I’m the girl who tries to make everything from scratch like bread, yogurt, granola, dinners, etc. Not only does it taste better but it FEELS better.

Last year I was sitting at a family dinner and everyone was eating ice cream. I decided to be healthy and grab a store bought yogurt from the fridge. Then I looked at the sugar content…..and is was MORE than the ice cream everyone was eating. I was so bugged and started doing research on sugar. You would be surprised how almost everything you eat is straight sugar even if you think its healthy.

I found an amazing documentary called “Sugar the Bitter Truth.” Dr. Lustig explains how one can of soda is as bad for the brain as one can of beer is for the liver!


I also didn’t know until that video that the sugarcane was created with the perfect amount of fiber and sugar to balance each other out and that companies have taken all the fiber out of sugar so that they can ship it overseas.


Out of anything we consume sugar is the most dangerous in my mind because it is so widely accepted and is linked to so many diseases. If you want to have fewer health risks, lose weight, avoid gaining more weight, sleep better, think better or perform better you need to know what you’re eating…and stop eating so much sugar.


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