What are people saying?

  • "Kindra was my coach in Outlook's Power 90. She helped me be more accountable in my efforts to attain my goals. She became my friend. I am grateful for her help when I needed it."
  • "What I admire about Kindra the most is her ability to connect with people. I believe its her ability to love and serve in such a way that leaves an impression on those she meets and interacts with. She has the best outlook on life. She has blessed my life in so many ways and I often rely on her for her love and support. "
  • "Kindra is one of the most amazing people I know. She maintains life long friendships through loyalty and compassion. She is a leader and mentor to those she meets."
  • "Kindra is one of the happiest people I know. And not only that, she makes the people around her happy and feel like they are the MOST important people in the world. I know that after talking to Kindra my faith wil be strengthened and I will feel empowered to do whatever it is that I need to do. "
  • "Kindra is a go-getter! She accomplishes what she puts her mind to. To put it simply, she's moved mountains. Kindra is passionate about life, people, her faith and the things she believes. She is inspirational, enthusiastic and energetic. Positivity surges from her to all she's around."
  • " Kindra is very kind hearted, honest, generous, very outgoing and fun to be around. She isn't just in it for herself she truly cares about you. Kindra is very driven and gets really excited about bettering people's lives."
  • " Kindra is great at listening and understanding with empathy. She is confident and has the power of making people feel good about themselves. "
  • "Kindra is passionate, kind, loving, tender hearted, and always willing to help others out. She wants all to be happy whenever she is around and she is dedicated to her purpose."